Österreichische Gesellschaft für Homöopathische Medizin


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ECH = European Committee for Homeopathy
Integrating high-quality homeopathy into European healthcare

The ECH represents all medical doctors specialized in homeopathy, organized in 40 associations in 25 European countries.

It is aimed at

• promoting the scientific development of homeopathy;

• ensuring high standards in the education, training and practice of homeopathy by medical doctors;

• harmonising professional standards in homeopathic practice across Europe;

• providing high-quality homeopathic care in a safe medical context;

• integrating high-quality homeopathy into European healthcare.

The ECH has several subcommittees involving delegates from affiliated associations and teaching centres as well as other professionals such as researchers, documentalists and pharmacists whose expert input helps to enhance the scientific basis of homeopathy.


ECH-Newsletter Jan. 17:  ECH Newsletter n°7 January 2017

Education: Dr. Claudia Garn
Politics: Dr. Erfried Pichler
Research: Dr. Wolfgang Eichler
Provings: Dr. Reinhard Flick


LIGA = Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)
The Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) is an international homeopathic medical society established in Rotterdam on September 10, 1925 by fourteen homeopathic physicians from nine countries. The American Dr. Roy Upham was its first President. The LMHI was established under the terms of Swiss civil law with Geneva designated as its registered office.

“ . . . the development and securing of Homœopathy worldwide . . . the creation of a link between homœopaths with medical diplomas and between societies and persons who are interested in homœopathy.”


Institutional Members: National homeopathic organizations and institutions.

Individual Full Members: physical persons that are physicians, veterinary surgeons and dentists with a full medical veterinarian or dental qualification of a State University or any other Licensing authority duly recognized by the government of the country in which they practice and who have had special education in homœopathy and hold any kind of diploma recognized by the association. Voting.

Associate Members: all persons with qualifications recognized nationally, who have undertaken homœopathic training recognized by the LMHI, such as pharmacists, medical students, chemists, and all persons who are licensed healthcare providers such as naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physicians‘ assistants, and generally, persons who by their profession can contribute to homœopathy, such as scientists, researchers, and authors. Nonvoting.

Reports senden wir gerne auf Anfrage zu: sekretariat@homoeopathie.at

Website LMHI http://liga.iwmh.net/

The National Vice President for Austria is Dr. Bernhard Zauner.